Picsart APK allows you to professionally edit your photos. The exclusive tools for photo editing can be used to edit photos for a variety of purposes. Photos can be created for social media for personal or professional use.

This app consists of two versions one is free and the other goes to charge. The monthly cost is about $8. This version includes additional features such as editing tools, new filters and effects, and sample backgrounds. These are all features included in the gold subscription.

App info:

App Name PicsArt Mod APK
size 64mb
Version 22.0.3
Published by apkexpert
Get it on Google play
Updated two days ago

About Picsart Mod APK

PicsArt mod apk is an Android app that allows you to turn your photos into digital art. It offers a wide range of filters and effects (including the ability to add text), as well as the ability to edit and crop your photos in various ways.

The interface is fairly simple, with an image at the top that shows off what you can currently do on your photo. Below is a series of tools including filters, effects, and stickers. The bottom half of the screen shows off your editing options and allows you to preview them before applying them or saving them.


What is PicsArt Gold Subscription and what does it mean?

Let’s discuss the PicsArt Gold subscription. It has more features than the regular PicsArt version. You lose access to all the features that you had previously locked or hidden when you purchase it.

Users get a 7-day free trial to learn and use the app. When they decide, not want to proceed, they can cancel their subscription at any moment before it is due. The monthly package starts at $8. If you’d prefer to purchase the annual package, it will cost $47.88 per month.

Filters and Effects

PicsArt Photo Studio comes with a number of filters and effects that you can use to make your images look amazing. You can also edit your photos using PicsArt’s powerful paint brush tool and watercolor brushes. Using the PicsArt pro apk and its tools will allow creating anything.

 Quality Editing App

You can use the PicsArt premium apk to make your photos more beautiful, add effects, and make them look exactly like you want them to. All you have to do is open your photo and then click on the editing tools icon at the top left corner of your screen. This will bring up a list of different items that you can use for editing purposes. You can choose from these options:

Photo collage: This feature will allow you to create a collage out of multiple photos that are in your gallery. The college will be made up of all the pictures that are in it and they will be displayed on top of each other so that they are easy to see but at the same time they will not take up too much space on your screen.
HDR: HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and this feature allows users who have high-quality cameras or smartphones to take better pictures because they get more details in their images than what they normally would get without this option turned on.

Stabilization: Stabilization allows people who have shaky hands or shaky cameras to take better pictures.

picsart image 2

Live Camera:

When you are not connected to the internet, you can use the live camera of PicsArt to take a selfie and it will appear on the screen.

Mirror Camera:

 This feature allows you to take a selfie through another device that is connected to your phone.

Selfie Pro:

The Selfie Pro mode allows you to edit your photos before uploading them to your account.

Adobe Lightroom:

 You can import your photos from Adobe Lightroom directly in PicsArt and make edits on them.

Best Photo frames:

Photo frames in Picart mod apk are the best way to add artistic and creative elements to your images. Photo frames can be used as an accent for your photos, or you can use them for a more sophisticated look by utilizing their different settings. There are three types of frames: square, rectangle, and circle. You can also set the color and size of each frame separately.

Beautify Features

  • Enhance your photos with professional effects and filters.
  • Adjust lighting, contrast, highlights, shadows, and more to give your photos a professional look.
  • Use the beauty tool to adjust skin tone and skin smoothing.
  • Apply makeup tools to create beautiful looks for your face.
  • Use the retouch tool to fix blemishes, red eyes, smiles, and other imperfections

Add a watermark

Add your company’s name or logo as the watermark and set its size, position, and transparency options.


You can draw on any part of an image using the Paintbrush tool using which you can create amazing drawings like stars, hearts, arrows, etc on any part of an image without affecting its quality at all. You can also use the Eraser tool to remove unwanted areas which have been drawn.

Different themes

Different themes are available for the PicsArt Mod Apk. The user can choose any theme that he likes. The themes are vibrant, colorful, and eye-catching.

There are different themes in PicsArt Mod Apk that you can use for your photo editing needs such as:

Cute & Cool

 This is a cute theme that will make your photos look adorable and stylish! It’s filled with lots of color and lots of cute icons too! Perfect for girls!

Colorful World

 This theme is one of my favorite ones because of its bright colors and beautiful effects on your photos! You won’t believe how incredible this theme looks on your pictures! It’s perfect for those who love to express themselves through their photos!

Zen Garden Theme

It is simple and colorful. There’s no need to be complicated when it comes to photo editing, all you need is a pretty background.

Professional level Use

This app is best for professional-level photo editors. The images of your clients must be edited expertly like a photographer. It is therefore ideal for your client’s task because they will require legitimately professional outcomes in order to hire you.

Modded Features

•             It has Unlocked Premium Tools

•             It has many filters

•             Editing Items are unlocked

•             Having No ads

•             You do not need a subscription

•             Watermark removed

How to PicsArt mod APK download?

  • Below, click on the link to download
  • To immediately start the downloading process, click OK
  • The installation page opens after Picsart APK download
  • After installation, you can use and enjoy the modified app


PicsArt Mod Apk is the perfect app to do all your photo editing tasks. You can edit your photos flawlessly for any purpose. Because of this app’s excellent features and performance worth, I heartily suggest it.

Do not wait and get this app right now. Please leave your feedback in this comment section. PicsArt is an app that allows you to share your thoughts and ideas.


PicsArt is safe?

PicsArt can be downloaded and used on all Android devices 100% safely. It has been updated to fix all bugs and improve performance. The developers have made additional changes to this app in order to ensure that no security threats can harm your device.

PicsArt is it free to use commercially?

It offers amazing content and also can use for commercial purposes.

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