Truecaller vs Truecaller Gold

Truecaller vs Truecaller Gold

In this tech era, communication has become more easy and convenient with the help of technological development of numerous applications and digital tools. Truecaller is one such app that has revolutionized the way we control and manage incoming calls and messages. We can also identify the person behind spam messages and calls and can use block option to avoid repetition for such annoying calls. The developers are constantly in verge of developing better versions for famous and renowned apps with updation by adding some premium features into them. Truecaller apk has also updated versions. In this article, we will delve into the differences between the regular Truecaller APK and the premium Truecaller Gold APK.

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is a widely popular mobile application that provides call identification, spam call blocking, and contact management services. It allows you to identify unknown callers. You can also block unwanted calls and messages from random people that can put you in trouble by spamming or fraudulent. All these features make it very valuable tool in the world of mobile communication. This amazing application is available in two versions Truecaller APK and Truecaller Gold APK. We have discussed below all the features of both versions in details with pros and cons. You can choose any of these available version according to your need and budget.

Truecaller Versions

Truecaller Free Version

The free version of Truecaller offers essential features like call identification, spam call detection, and a robust contact management system. Users can download and use it for free with ads.

Truecaller Gold Version

Truecaller Gold is the premium version of the app, which offers several exclusive features. It’s designed for users who want an enhanced Truecaller experience without ads.

Truecaller APK

Downloading Truecaller APK

To get the Truecaller APK, you can download it from the Google Play Store. It’s a straightforward process, and it doesn’t cost anything to install the free version

Installing Truecaller APK

Once downloaded, installing Truecaller APK is as simple as following the on-screen instructions. After installation, you can start benefiting from its features immediately.

Truecaller Gold APK

Truecaller Gold

Features of Truecaller Gold APK

Truecaller Gold APK offers unique features such as call recording, viewing profiles privately, and more. These additional features enhance the user experience.

Downloading Truecaller Gold APK

To obtain Truecaller Gold, users need to upgrade their existing Truecaller app. This can be done by subscribing to the premium version through the app itself.

Installing Truecaller Gold APK

After upgrading, users can enjoy the premium features right away, without any further installation.

Truecaller APK vs. Truecaller Gold APK

Price Comparison

The primary difference between Truecaller APK and Truecaller Gold APK is the pricing. Truecaller APK is free, while Truecaller Gold APK comes with a subscription fee.

Exclusive Features

Truecaller Gold APK offers exclusive features that are not available in the free version. These features, like call recording and private profile viewing, make it a compelling choice for users seeking advanced functionality.

Is It Worth Upgrading?

Whether upgrading to Truecaller Gold APK is worth it depends on your communication needs. If you value the extra features and an ad-free experience, it may be a worthwhile investment.

User Reviews and Opinions

User reviews of both versions vary. Some users find the free Truecaller APK sufficient for their needs, while others appreciate the premium features of Truecaller Gold APK. It ultimately comes down to personal preferences.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Truecaller APK:

  • Free to use
  • Provides call identification and spam call blocking

Cons of Truecaller APK:

  • – Contains ads

Pros of Truecaller Gold APK:

  • Exclusive features
  • Ad-free experience

Cons of Truecaller Gold APK:

  • Requires a subscription fee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Truecaller APK is safe to use and is available on trusted app stores like Google Play.

The cost of Truecaller Gold APK may vary based on the subscription plan chosen. It typically offers monthly and yearly subscription options.

Yes, you can upgrade to Truecaller Gold APK from the free version by subscribing to the premium service.

The free version of Truecaller contains ads and offers a limited set of features compared to Truecaller Gold.

Truecaller Gold APK is designed to work on most Android devices, but it’s essential to check for compatibility before upgrading.


Truecaller offers a versatile communication solution. This application has two versions of it one is standard and other is premium.  In standard version you can enjoy all the blocking spams and identification of caller options for free. However if you pay for subscription, you will be able to take benefit of all the premium features of it without bearing the hustle of watching unnecessary adds. The choice between Truecaller APK and Truecaller Gold APK largely depends on your needs and budget. If you’re looking for an enhanced, ad-free experience with additional features, Truecaller Gold APK might be the right choice for you. Otherwise you can benefit yourself with its free version that is Truecaller APK.

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